So, I’m somewhere in the (maybe) 4th mission in Dishonored and I’m like, okay there’s some cool supnat shit, that nobody exlains or even wonders about, but whatever they help me sneak around, so I don’t have to kill anyone, only if it’s necessary. It wasn’t enough to put guards everywhere, we totally needed the zombies too. ಠ_ಠ Fine, whatever. Garrett is still with me, since I feel the need to loot everything, and I’m pretty sure Corvo’s gonna get fat pretty soon, ‘cause I just can’t let the food lie around like that. XD So I’m starting to get a hold on the game.


Who the fuck is Corvo? I mean I found a wanted posted, that was most likely about me, but not a cutscene and even a fucking dialogue… How am I supposed to get invested in a faceless and voiceless name? :| The only explanation I can think of is, that he’s mute. It’s a better thought than that the developers didn’t even take the fucking time/money/effort to make a decent design and get a nice voice actor for the fucking protag. Really now? So I in my head he’s mute and he has little cards with him which says “Yeah, take me back” or “Nah, I wanna loot some more”. I get that to be the perfect little pocket assassin your “allies” need you don’t need to have a personality, but it’s not so interesting playing like that. You woke up and find youself in the Void with the Outsider and you don’t even think that “holy shit, maybe a shouldn’t have eaten that rotten pear” you just go there, like sure, gimme super powers. ಠ_ಠ Even Garrett wasn’t THAT chill… So yeah, I have uniqe problems, but we’ll see.


one of the games I’m looking forward to play this year!

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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

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captain pizza and doctor baguette!!

Let me add a thing.

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  • friend: you really need to go outside
  • me: send me the link
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I found this on youtube some time ago. 

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